Proper storage of ski and snowboard in the summer

Five easy steps

Summer storage of ski/snowboard is something that is almost always overlooked. Often after the last run, they end up in the garage without thinking about the start of the next season. But during the long spring and summer days and nights, the skis collect dust, moisture and rust, which shortens their life, and consequently the quality of skiing in the next season.

You can avoid these problems in a few easy steps.

1. Loose the binding springs. Pay attention to the bolts connecting the bindings to the skis / boards – this is one of the first things you need to do before wintering the skis and the snowboard. Release the tension in the binding springs and keep the snowboard completely naked – the board is good to be unload from all the joints, helping to keep them from wear and tear.
2. Use cleaners to remove dirt. First, clean the top with warm water to remove any dirt. But remember to dry perfectly afterwards. If the surface is clean, you may skip the water. Then you need a cleanser specifically designed for ski and snowboard surfaces. During spring riding, easily melted snow enters through the joints at the core of the skis. This may be detrimental to them during storage. If you really are concern about your skis, you should only allow them to be handmade maintained.
3. Remove all fragments from the edges. If you are new and have not spent much time sharpening, leave this to the professionals. These areas can collect and form rust, so it is very important to remove any dirt, bumps and other “irritants” from them.
4. Apply a thick layer of wax. We recommend that you do not do it yourself unless you are a professional or at least have done it for several seasons. Instead of a plain coat, apply a dense coat with an iron. Make sure that the wax covers the edges and is evenly distributed over the entire surface. This will seal the substrate and protect it from drying or contamination.
5. Choose carefully where you will store your skis. The ceiling may have the most space, but it is far from suitable for ski storage. Heat can ruin composite materials and can even cause adhesion. You must choose a place that has the same temperature throughout the year and does not allow direct sunlight.

In the next issue of 360ski academy we will give you details about how to prepare your ski/ snowboard boots for the summer.

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