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Ски влек Тодорка

GONDOLA LIFT | Opening hours: 08:00 – 17:30

Gondola is the cabin lift that connects the town with the ski centre.

The 8-seat cabins start almost every 30 seconds and transfer you to the mountain in about 30 minutes + further delays due to queuing to get in the gondola, even up to 2 hours at peak times.

Gondola lift is used by skiers, snowboarders and even tourists that wish to visit the ski centre just for coffee and fun.

First station: Chalin Valog
Gondola’s doors open after 15 minutes at first stop, Chalin Valog, where you can find only slopes for skiers and riders. Few cafes too, accessible only from skiers and riders.

Second -last- station: Banderitsa Polyana
The second and last stop, Banderitsa Polyana, is where the chalets and most of the lifts are located. There you will meet your ski/snowboard instructors and have coffee & lunch if you are not skiing.

Alternative ways to reach the ski centre and avoid long Gondola lift queues?

⇒ By car in about 20 min.  All day parking fee: 12 BGN

Heavy traffic can become a nightmare during high season, especially when driving late to the mountain (after 09:00) when parking gets full and you might stick on the road even for hours. Make sure you have snow chains with you. We can happily provide you info on traffic and weather conditions according to the period of your visit.

SKI MAP | Lifts’ opening hours: 08:00 – 16:30

Ski runs

75 km of ski runs await you to discover them:
35% beginners
40% intermediates
25% advanced

Snow cannons

260 snow cannons cover 90% of the ski slopes.

Ski road

The ski road is a 7km track that starts from Banderitsa Polyana the second (and last) stop of the Gondola lift on the mountain and ends up next to the Gondola’s bottom station in the town of Bansko. It is a blue, easy and relaxing track that skiers use to reach the town instead of using the lift. It is also beginners’ favourite slope due to its long length and low difficulty.


Lift passes are sold at the pay desks around the ski zone, plus at some selected hotels.
Price list season 2021/2022

Adults Students Children
7-12 years old
up to 7 years old
Gondola ticket
(up – down)
1 use only – No lifts included
36 BGN 31 BGN 24 BGN 1 BGN
Gondola lift + all lifts | Unlimited daily use
Half day lift pass
(12:30 – 16:30)
Issued only after 12:30
61 BGN 54 BGN 33 BGN 1 BGN
1 day 79 BGN 70 BGN 43 BGN 1 BGN
2 days 151 BGN 137 BGN 79 BGN 2 BGN
3 days 229 BGN 206 BGN 115 BGN 3 BGN
4 days 303 BGN 272 BGN 144 BGN 4 BGN
5 days 381 BGN 339 BGN 163 BGN 5 BGN
6 days 452 BGN 407 BGN 191 BGN 6 BGN
9 days 678 BGN 610 BGN 253 BGN 9 BGN
13 days 949 BGN 852 BGN 378 BGN 13 BGN
Lift pass “Bansko-twenty”
20 not necessarily consecutive days
1015 BGN 960 BGN 565 BGN 20 BGN
Seasonal lift pass 1500 BGN 1400 BGN 800 BGN 100 BGN
Кабина (двупосочно) за лица с увреждания 1 лв.
Кабина (двупосочно) за лице, придружаващо лице с увреждане,
когато има право на такова
1 лв.

Your guide to get your lift pass

1st selling point

Cash desks at the Gondola bottom station (just 3 min walk from our shop).


  • Sunday to Wednesday: 08:30 – 17:00. Lift pass sale for the next day between 16:30 – 17:00.
  • Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 08:30 – 21:00. Lift pass sale for the next day between 16:30 – 21:00.


Gondola lift opens at 08:00 while the cash desks at 08:30 and are already crowded by then. Plus, the second queue you will face to get in the Gondola. So, make sure you arrive quite early, especially if you have any lessons to catch.

2nd selling point

Cash desks at the Gondola upper station in Banderitsa Polyana, if going up with a shuttle service or driving to the ski resort.

This can save you a lifetime. We can arrange a shuttle for you so just let us know if interested.


  • Daily between 08:30 – 17:30

3rd selling point

Cash desks at selected hotels around the ski zone, such as:
Sport hotel (just 5 min away from our shop), Hotel Belvedere, Hotel Zara, Hotel Lucky Bansko, Hotel Hot Springs, Hotel Pirin River, Hotel Orbelux and Hotel Guinness.


  • Καθημερινά μεταξύ 08:30 – 22:00.
    Daily between 08:30 – 22:00. Lift pass sale for the next day after 17:30.


Some of the above hotels may sell just daily lift pass and not for multiple days. We shall know more about this when the season starts or you can come in touch with hotels directly.


The VIP lift pass is a more expensive pass that gives you access to the fast lane that passes the queue and leads you to the entrance of the Gondola cabin lift. It is valid only for the Gondola and not for the lifts on the mountain. It is really worth it when busy.

Available at:

  • Hotel Regnum (10 min walk from our shop)
  • Hotel Lucky Bansko
  • Kempinski hotel, for guests only.


  • Daily between 08:30 – 22:00. Lift pass sale for the next day after 17:30.


Keep in mind that the fast lane also gets busy in the mornings during high season periods, so make sure you arrive there early enough if you don’t want to wait or if you have any lessons to catch.

We always suggest to our customers to get their passes the day before their first day on the slopes and save time for the next morning.
Not enough time the day before?
No worries.

  • Get it from a hotel just before you hit the Gondola
  • Drive or get a lift up to Banderitsa Polyana and get in from the cash desk at the top of the Gondola
  • Get in the queue to enter the Gondola while a friend will get in the cash desk’s line and buy your passes

Online purchase is available if you are holding a lift pass from a previous time. Reload it fast and easy here.

Only in Bulgarian lev (BGN) if you are paying cash. Card payment also available.


Lift passes

    and cannot be used by another person. There is face control at all lifts with a profile of the pass holder including a high-resolution photo. In case of fraud the card will be revoked and the user will be expelled from the ski resort.
    it covers your transfer to the resort’s medical centre, a short check on your injury and usually not any further treatments. We suggest you to have your own personal insurance, while, we advise you to travel with your European Health Card, if you have one.
  • The price of the lift pass or ticket WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED in case of not working lifts and Gondola due to:
    – bad weather conditions
    – lack of electrical power
    – other force majeure force circumstances.

Bansko Web Cams

Bansko (990m)

Bunderishka Polyana (1620m)

Plato (2200m)

Chalin Valog (1200m)

Shiligarnika (1730m)

Todorka (2550m)

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